About DNH loudspeakers

Clear, powerful and reliable; that is the characterization of the DNH loudspeakers. DNH develops high quality speakers, that guarantee perceivable notifications, even under harsh or extreme conditions. Theunissen Technical Trading BV (TTT) is distributor of these weather and shock proof loud speakers for the Dutch market.


  • Very high reliability
  • Flameproof, weatherproof and shockproof options
  • Wide range for industrial and commercial applications
  • Also available in EX


Big in offshore and industrial environments
About 85% of all speaker installations on offshore platforms in the North Sea contains DNH loudspeakers. Furthermore, the speakers are being installed in trains, the subway and cruise ships. DNH has the widest range of speakers for industrial and commercial applications in the world.


Always up to date, but with a rich history
DNH is founded shortly after the 2nd World War, by three Norwegian sailors. Even then, the company managed to adapt to new developments in the market and worldwide regulations as soon as possible. For example, DNH produced the first explosion proof loud speaker. This was in 1962. Furthermore, they produced variants resistant to heat, vibration, a constant spray of salt water and fumes of chemicals.