Cabinet loudspeaker TRIC-6

The TRIC-6 is a 6W low profile plastic cabinet speaker. It has an unique design and shape. The height is no more than 38mm. This speaker can be used in various areas for high quality speech or background music.


  • 3 screws mounting
  • Effective frequency Range: 150 – 18000 Hz
  • Weight: 0,8 kg 


Installation, Operation and maintenance

  • Do not open loudspeaker when energized.
  • To open the loudspeaker, press the clip on each side of the loudspeaker and separate the cabinet from the chassis.
  • Enter the cable trough a suitable cable entrance.
  • Fasten the chassis to the wall or roof with three screws.
  • Clip the cabinet on to the chassis after termination.
  • For optimum performance, always use the correct voltage / power limits as stated.
  • This loudspeaker comes with a two years warranty against factory defects.