Miniature horn loudspeaker HP-6C

The HP-6C is a 6W plastic miniature loudspeaker is marine grade IP67 weather proof rated. This speaker is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. Complete with termination chamber.


  • Especially for small rooms and spaces
  • Industrial and commercial applications
  • IP67 Waterproof



Installation, Operation and maintenance

  • Fasten bracket with 1-3 screws.
  • To change the position of the loudspeaker, adjust the bracket by adjusting the screws.
  • For optimum performance, always use the correct voltage / power limits as stated.
  • This loudspeaker comes with a two years warranty against factory defects.
  • Remove lid and lead the cable through the cable gland.
  • Connect to terminal 70V: white – green or 100V: white – red.
  • Fasten lid with a torque of 1,5 Nm
  • Select required power by changing the position of the black wire connected
    to the transformer;choose according to the label inside the loudspeaker.