JBP-120 junction box


The JBP-120 is a junction box with 6 possible entries, earth plate and 2.5 mm Wago terminal. Delivered with 4 blindplugs and 3 cable glands M-20 unmounted.


  • Mounting with 4 screws
  • IP rating: IP67
  • Weight: 0,35 kg 



Installation, Operation and maintenance

  • Screw the box to the wall or ceiling with 2 – 4 screws.
  • JBP-120 has six entries, and is delivered with three M-20 Cable glands and 4 M-20 blind plugs with washers.
  • Fasten lid with four screws, approximately 1 Nm, use washers on screws.
  • JBP-120 is delivered with Wago terminal 264 with max 2,5 mm².
  • Junction box has a two years warranty against defective workmanship.