Music loudspeaker MC-50

The MC50 is weatherproofed to IP54 for external mounting in e.g. pub gardens and exposed eating areas. The stylish curved cabinet is delivered with a bracket. The loudspeaker is also ballproof and is well suited for use in different sporting arenas.



  • Bracket mounting
  • Effective frequency Range: 90 – 20000 Hz
  • Weight: 6,2kg 



Installation, Operation and maintenance

  • Unscrew lid, lead cable through cable gland and connect to terminal according to required power.
  • Tighten cable gland and fasten termination chamber lid with a torque of 1-2 Nm to assure IP grade.
  • Fasten the bracket to wall or ceiling with three screws.
  • To change the position of the loudspeaker, please adjust the bracket (by loosening / tightening the screws) as required.
  • For optimum performance, always use the correct voltage / power and operate within the frequency limits as stated.
  • Do not open loudspeaker when energized.
  • This loudspeaker is supplied with two years warranty against defective workmanship.