Projector speakers

The projector loudspeakers of DNH are available in different types, sizes and materials. The complete range of projector loudspeakers allow an always suitable kind of speakers for your needs, no matter the type or size of ship.


  • For every size ship
  • Horns available in plastic and aluminum
  • Industrial and commercial applications
  • Waterproof


Clear sound in a reliable housing


DNH was started in 1946, the company has been renowned as a supplier of high-quality products for varied applications and projects worldwide. The range of projector loudspeakers has been developed into a complete product range that will satisfy the most demanding of locations and customers.

A lot of research and experience in building projector loudspeakers, together with the high quality parts used for production, result in very high reliable products.


Projector loudspeakers at TTT


The sales consultants at Theunissen Technical Trading BV (TTT) are very willing to consult you about the DNH projector loudspeaker range. Based on the size and utilization of your yacht or ship and your specific demands, TTT can propose a certain loudspeaker.