Plastic projector loudspeaker DP-30

DP-30 is a 30W, one way projector model. This range is specially designed for applications such as railways and airports. The high sensitivity and extended frequency range make it an excellent speaker for public address systems and background music.


  • Mounting: polyamide swivel bracket
  • Effective frequency Range: 110 – 20000 Hz
  • Weight: 3,0 kg



Installation, Operation and maintenance

  • Do not open loudspeaker when energized.
  • Fasten the DP bracket to wall or ceiling with 2-4 screws. Install the loudspeaker on swivel bracket with the two enclosed bolts and washers. This unique bracket system allows multiple positioning options. Find the preferable position of the loudspeaker and secure the position with tightening the extra hexagonal screw on bracket.
  • Remove the lid on the side of the loudspeaker.
  • Connect to terminal (70V or 100V) and select required tapping in to the transformer.
  • For optimum performance, always use the correct voltage / power limits as stated.
  • This loudspeaker comes with a two years warranty against factory defects.