VEP-15 projector loudspeaker

Plastic projector loudspeaker VEP-15

The VEP-15 is a 15W VA compliant music projector complete with ceramic terminal block and thermal fuse. Weatherproof to IP55 for outdoor use. Easy to mount and terminate. DNH offer an M20 cable gland as standard on this speaker.


  • Bracket mounting
  • Effective frequency Range: 140 – 20000 Hz
  • Weight: 1,8 kg



Installation, Operation and maintenance

  • Fasten bracket with minimum two screws.
  • To open the loudspeaker turn the front gently counter clockwise and pull.
  • Lead cable through cable gland and connect to terminal.
  • If 70V, replace red cable with the green cable in the terminal.
  • To close the loudspeaker, align the two marks on the front and rear parts, and turn the front gently clockwise until it stops.
  • Use the attached stop screw to secure the front from undesirable opening during operation. (Optional)
  • For optimum performance, always use the correct voltage / power limits as stated.
  • Do not open loudspeaker when energized.
  • This loudspeaker comes with a two years warranty against factory defects.